“raw and honest,

cutting to the bone.”

-The Daily Country

Krista Shows is tied up in a place. Her sound - a combination of folk, R&B, and country with a raw honesty that comes straight from the gut - is born of her life growing up in Mississippi, a place abounding in twofold realities. As new as a breath of fresh air and as old as the Mississippi River all at once, her songs are occupied by the people, the nature, and the heartbreak of that upbringing.

Adopted from Texas and raised in Mississippi, Shows was a kid who grew up singing in church. She spent time in Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Western North Carolina before returning to Mississippi in her early 20s. Living next to the Sunflower River in Clarksdale, MS, she began writing songs as a way to process life and feel connected to others.

Shows left her home in the Mississippi Delta for Appalachia in 2015, when she met musician Scott Sharpe. The two formed a duo and quickly gained a close-knit following, self-releasing a raw album (2-mics, no overdubs on analog tape) that was recorded in a grain bin in Clarksdale, MS in 2017. Ultimately, it was attempting to reconcile feelings about the place she grew up, her wayward youth, and tragedy that clarified her calling. Shows is currently working on her debut studio album, recorded at Dial Back Sound in Water Valley, Mississippi.

photos by Bea Nicolá Aydelette